About Us

AirlineGeeks.com was founded in February 2013 as a one-man (teenager, rather) show in Washington D.C. Since then, we’ve grown to have 22+ active team members, scattered across both the United States and Europe. We are all here for the same reason: we love aviation. Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date news in aviation to our readers, furthering their passion and understanding of the industry.


Ryan Ewing

Founder | President

Ryan founded AirlineGeeks.com back in February, 2013 (actually, it was called Aviation Official, but we’ve changed a bit since then.) Ryan is very experienced for someone his age in the airline industry. From being on the yolk of a Piper Navajo, to writing about Delta’s operations center in Atlanta, Ryan has done it all! You can find him helping out travelers at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. when he’s not doing something for AirlineGeeks.

  • Location: Washington D.C.

Joe Pesek


Joe is a passionate AvGeek, who enjoys spending the bulk of his time researching, learning and analyzing the latest and greatest trends in the airline industry. He first began following the aviation world after his first business class flight to Asia in 2013. Joe continues to follow his passion of airlines and aviation through earning miles and redeeming them for trips around the world, as well as actively managing the growing AirlineGeeks team. His dream is to one day be involved in managing or consulting for a global airline.

  • Location: Cleveland, OH

Malick Mercier

Public Relations and Communications Manager

In 2013, Malick dusted off his copy of Flight Simulator X and installed it once again, in hopes of passing the tutorials.  Well he did that, and so much more!  He had always loved flying but, that was the pivotal moment in his life where he realized that aviation was his “thing.”  Now, in 2015, he plans to begin taking flight lessons at Long Island’s MacArthur Airport (KISP).  He just can’t get enough of the roaring engines, and beautiful wing flexes.  Those unique features keep the airline industry booming with news.  Malick was always one to stay on top of it and break it to all of his friends.  That, and a day at ABC sparked his interest in journalism, and he ended up here, at AirlineGeeks.com, and couldn’t be happier.  He knows that whether he goes into broadcast journalism, or into piloting as a career, or even something totally different, his heart will always long for a clear blue sky.  

  • Location: New York, NY

Shane Piper

Director, Business Development

Shane started as an airline geek on the first day that his mother brought him to work with her as a kid at Dulles Airport. Visiting the ground control tower, driving out on the ramp, and even sitting in the engines, he knew this was something awesome. After learning all the aircraft types and collecting countless model planes, he was addicted. After college, Shane worked at the FAA command center and gained in-depth knowledge of the industry he already loved. For over 5 years, he has worked mainly in Information Technology with the Department of Defense and various military organizations, however continues to grow his passion for aviation and the world of flying. Still today he can’t go to the airport without staring out towards the runway or look up to the sounds of something overhead.

    Alex Navitsky

    Social Media Editor

    Alex always had a passion for commercial aviation since his first flight back in 1987. He is a loyal American Airlines Executive Platinum member and has flown over 650,000 miles on over 30 different airlines since 2006. Alex loves spending time in airports and planes and is known for his crazy mileage runs. In his spare time he enjoys traveling to new and adventurous places. Alex enjoys flying new airlines to see different passenger experiences while in the lounge, on the ground or up in the air.

    • Location: New York City

    North American Writing Team


    Mateen Kontoravdis

    Copy Editor

    Mateen has been interested in aviation from a very young age. He got his first model airplane at age six and has been airplane spotting since he was nine years old. He has always had a passion for aviation and loves learning about different aspects within the industry. In addition to writing for AirlineGeeks, Mateen is also an editor for his school’s newspaper. You can also find him on Instagram where he enjoys sharing his aviation photography with thousands of people.

      Ashley Magoon


      Ashley is currently a senior in high school and plans on pursuing a career in aviation or journalism. Her favorite airplanes include the Boeing 777, 737MAX, and Airbus A350. She enjoys taking flights on various airlines to different airports and planespotting at her local airports.

      • Location: Renton, WA

      Ian McMurtry

      Senior Writer

      Ian has been an avgeek since 2004 when he started spotting US Airways Express planes at Johnstown Airport in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He now lives in Wichita and enjoys spotting planes in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia as well as those flying at high altitudes over his home. He is a pilot with more than 40 hours of experience behind a Cessna 172, Diamond DA-20, and Piper PA-28. He flies Southwest Airlines mostly, but prefers to fly Delta or American on domestic flights and Icelandair when flying to Europe. Ian’s route map spans from Iceland and Alaska in the north to St. Maarten in the south. He is a freshman at Wichita State University, where he will study aerospace engineering with a goal to be an aerospace engineer or test pilot for either Boeing or LearJet.

      • Location: Wichita, KS (during school year) | Columbia, MO (during summer)

      Daniel Morley

      Lead Writer

      Daniel has always had aviation in his life; from flying to the United States when he was 2, to flying to Tampa and Las Vegas for family vacations. Aviation has always had a strong influence in his life. Daniel grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to his current South Florida home in 2010. He favors Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport but also fly’s out of Miami International Airport when traveling back to his native England. He is currently attending Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida and is on track to graduate in 2018 with a degree in Human Factors in Aviation and his pilot’s license. When he graduates he hopes to become a commercial pilot.

      • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

      Jace Moseley


      Jace has been flying the open skies since 1998 when he took his first flight. Since then he has taken over 300 flight to 7 different countries worldwide. Jace loves traveling out of his way to go on certain airplanes and airlines. He has shown major interest in attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and majoring in air traffic control. Being on the west coast, he has also fallen in love with Boeing Company and enjoys plane spotting at KSEA and KPAE in his free time.

      • Location: Seattle, WA

      Akhil Dewan


      An “Airline Brat” for most of his life, Akhil has always been drawn to aviation. If there is an opportunity to read about an airline, fly on a new airplane, or talk to anyone about aviation, he is on it. Akhil has been on over 20+ different kinds of aircraft, his favorite being the MD-80. Additionally, he has visited 5 continents and plans to knock out the remaining two (Africa and Antarctica) soon. Based in Dallas, Akhil graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Management Information Systems and currently works in consulting. His dream is to become an airline executive.

      • Location: Dallas, TX

      Tyler Tashji

      Social Media/Writer

      Tyler has been an aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Administration from Lewis University. His preferred airline is United and his favorite aircraft is the Boeing 777.  Tyler always has a smile on his face and his eyes pointed skyward.

      • Location: Romeoville, IL/Rochester, NY

      Christopher Dollesin


      Christopher joined AirlineGeeks.com in 2014 before spending a year with the marketing department at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, and he is excited to be writing again. He is currently a student at Fordham University pursuing a degree in marketing and hopes to join a major airline after graduation and help improve the passenger experience.

      Christopher has a longstanding passion for aviation, fueled by constant travel as part of a military family. In his free time, you can find Christopher plane spotting, collecting airline memorabilia, or stargazing, and he maintains an extensive model aircraft collection. He also enjoys music, plays the saxophone, and sings in the university’s choir when not preoccupied with aviation.

        Matthew Garcia


        Matthew Garcia became interested in aviation at the age of 12 when we installed Microsoft Flight Simulator X on his computer. He was instantly “bitten by the bug” and has been in love with aviation ever since. Matthew took his first introductory flight in 2013 and began normal flight training in Feburary of 2015. Over the years, Matthew’s love and knowledge for aviation has grown tremendously, mainly due to FSX. Garcia flies highly advanced aircraft in a professional manner on a highly complex virtual air traffic network simulating real world flying. In mid 2015, Matthew decided to pursue a career in the airline world. In the fall of 2016, he will attend university to study professional flight.

            Parker Davis


            When he was just two months old, Parker took his first flight. From that point, he was destined to love aviation. His mom worked for Southwest Airlines and his dad has been a frequent flier on American Airlines for years, just as Parker is now. In 2015, Parker, inspired by aviation accounts on Instagram, decided to create an account of his own, and he hasn’t stopped spotting since. On top of that, Parker has been writing for his school paper since his freshman year. One day, he hopes to work either as an engineer at Boeing or in the front office at a major airline.

            • Location: Dallas, TX

            Samuel Chen


            Ever since he made his first trip on a Boeing 747 in 2005, Samuel has been an AvGeek at heart. He is a dedicated United (ex-Continental) loyalist and frequent flier who attempts to live by Continental’s slogan, “Work Hard, Fly Right.” He has a huge love for the Boeing 777 along with any other Boeing wide body aircraft. Samuel is an avid collector of all types of airplane memorabilia ranging from model airplanes to in-flight magazines. In his free time, Samuel enjoys playing guitar and piano, and he is constantly on various airline websites scanning for any breaking news.

            • Location: Houston, TX

            International Team


            Josh Drabble


            Josh is a long term aviation enthusiast and aspiring commercial airline pilot. From a young age he has immersed himself in all things aviation. From plane spotting at local airports and airfields, to racking up frequent flier miles on trips abroad, Josh is a huge AvGeek at heart. He is currently in his third and final year of university in the United Kingdom, studying for a degree in Air Transport alongside his full flight training towards a frozen Air Transport Pilot’s license. He currently has his PPL and CPL with around 200 hours of flying experience in various aircraft and is expected to start his Instrument rating later this year. He frequently flies on one of his favorite airlines, British Airways, and is an avid Avios collector and British Airways Executive Club member.

            In his spare time, while not studying, flying or immersing himself in aviation he enjoys spending his time volunteering in a variety of roles and running a blog to help other aspiring pilots pursue their dream.

            • Location: UK

            James Dinsdale


            James grew up as a single child with a Russian mother and an English father in Cambridgeshire, England. He was immediately surrounded by aviation from an early age as his father was ex-Royal Air Force now currently an Aviation Tour Manager and his mother used to be an interpreter for a Russian Flying school. At the age of 13 he enrolled in the RAF Air Cadets, a youth organization for aspiring young adults who wished to enter the armed forces or aerospace industry. At the same time, he started flying lessons in a C152 aiming to achieve his PPL, which is later did. He was successful in achieving and completing a gliding scholarship whilst within the Air Cadets. In January 2015 he left the Air Cadets to join CTC Aviation as a Trainee Commercial Pilot where currently he resides in New Zealand training for his CPL. 

            • Location: New Zealand

            Mila ‘Milou’ Frohn

            International Writer

            After getting her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, Mila got into a frozen Airline Pilot Transport License (ATPL) training program. Over the course of two years she was ready to fly the big jets. Starting with the Piper Archer and Diamond 40, Mila then moved on to the Piper Seneca V, and later trained on the Boeing 737. Her training took her from Amsterdam to Arizona in the United States, Portugal and back to Amsterdam. With a touch of Oxford, England in between.

            Currently you’ll find Mila at her local GA airport near her home in the Netherlands. It’s not unusual to find her hopping in the back of a Cessna 172 or do some work in the simulator. Although her current wor

            • Location: The Netherlands

            James Field


            James is a passionate AvGeek who has been actively spotting for years. James has spotted over 600+ different aircraft types and has seen over 3,000 different registrations. He also takes photos of aircraft at his local airport, MAN. James hopes to grow in the aviation industry with journalism being his primary focus.

            • Location: Manchester, UK

            Tomos Howells

            International Writer

            Tomos has had a keen interest in aviation for over 10 years and 4 years ago he decided to take it to the next level. He currently holds a private pilot’s license and is working towards his commercial license.

            • Location: United Kingdom

            Thomas Gilpin


            From a very young age, Thomas has been passionate about everything related to aviation. Beginning with air show attendance and flight simulation, this evolved into a desire to adopt a profession in the industry. After achieving a degree in Air Transport Operations and Management, Thomas worked for easyJet, in an operational safety role, before changing to a ground operations role at Swissport. With aviation filling both his time of work and of play, his mind is never far from the subject.

            • Location: United Kingdom

            Xavier Amouroux


            Xavier is an aviation enthusiast who travels frequently between Europe, Asia, and Australia. Based in Paris, he works in communications and is also a freelance writer specializing in aviation. He contributes to French and international magazines on travel and the aviation world. A frequent flyer, he started to share his passion with photos of his journeys on Instagram where he launched the FlyingGeek magazine. He now enjoys sharing his passion with the AvGeek community, discovering new airplanes and airports with a strong curiosity for design, architecture, and the whole customer experience on the ground and in the air.

            • Location: Paris



            Shaquille Khan


            Shaquille was just seven years old when he took his first flight to America on a Surinam Airways 747 from PBM to MIA. Since moving to New York, Shaquille has worked as a ground operations supervisor at JFK and has since moved to LaGuardia Airport to work as an Operations Agent for Spirit Airlines. When he isn’t working, Shaquille is most likely travelling to cities in which he has never been. During his first year of college, he took many photography courses to get closer with one of his favorite hobbies. He spends all of his free time taking pictures of everything that catches his eye. Shaquille’s long-term goal is to be an airline pilot, one that he has already begun working towards.

            • Location: New York City

            Devin Durant


            Devin Durant is an aviation enthusiast and photographer that lives in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and comes from two generations of United Airlines flight attendants. He plans on training during college to become a pilot for a major airline and to use that as a way to express his photographic skills.

            • Location: Baltimore, MD

            Hisham Qadri

            Press Photographer

            Besides being a student at Wofford College, Hisham Qadri is very passionate about aviation and photography. Hisham’s first flight was as a baby on an Emirates 777, and since then he has remained in love with the Boeing 777 and Emirates airlines. Since his start with photography, Hisham has worked for professional photographers and has even hosted his own professional exhibit. Even though Hisham is studying to become a doctor, you’ll still find him dreaming about becoming a pilot and travelling the world. In about 15 years, if you ever need to visit Dr.Qadri, you’ll be sure to find photographs of his favorite airliners on the walls of his office.

            Michael Raisch

            Branding & Lead Designer

            Michael is a CLIO award winning designer and digital content producer. Michael has an extensive branding background in sports and event identities for MLB and the NHL. Michael founded Raisch Studios in 2003. His digital content has received international exposure and has been featured on Brand New, HOW Design, People Magazine, the Smithsonian Channel, IFC, and CNN.

            In the aviation community, he is best known for his “Toddler Flight Simulator” and producing a photographic tribute for MH370 told through the lens of international planespotters.

            • Location: Jersey City, NJ
            • Website: Link

            Greg Linton


            Greg is a frequent flyer on American Airlines, and he plans on becoming a pilot in the future. Greg also extremely enjoys planespotting, and he owns several well-known aviation related Instagram accounts.

            • Location: Chicago, IL