A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350, an aircraft that may soon be modified to support MoM. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | James Dinsdale)

Airbus Takes Aim at “Middle of the Market” Segment

Airbus is looking to strengthen its position on “middle of the market” aircraft to better compete with Boeing, and is considering a two-pronged approach with the Airbus A321neo and a new Airbus A330neo. A new version of the Airbus A350 is also being considered. Middle of the market, or MoM, is expected to become a unique growth area for aircraft manufacturers as they aim for a product that fits between a typical narrow-body, short-haul aircraft and wide-body, long-haul jets. Middle…

Boeing’s ‘797’ Program Receives New Team Member

A major step was taken for the future of Boeing’s 797 as the program received another confirmed team member. Boeing’s Terry Beezhold has been confirmed as a new member of the 797 team according to CNN Money. Boeing has not yet announced team roles. While the 797 project has not…