The interior Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (Photo: DCA Airport)

Reagan National Says Goodbye to Gate 35X, Hello to a Brand New Concourse

Washington D.C. locals and American Airlines frequent flyers have something to celebrate today - the opening of Reagan National Airport's brand new concourse! The airport is getting rid of the dreaded Gate 35X, a cramped space that was used to shuttle passengers by bus to their aircraft, and opening a sleek new terminal that does not require any traveler to board a bus. Robert Isom, President of American Airlines, expressed excitement over the new concourse, saying, "The dreaded Gate 35X…

San Francisco Temporarily Closes International Concourse A Gates

Although San Francisco International Airport (SFO) remains open and operational during the Bay Area's "shelter in place" lockdown, the airport is closing one of two concourses at the International Terminal after a major drop in travel due to the coronavirus. SFO officials say international flights have dropped almost 52 percent…