An ex-Continental Beechcraft 1900 (Photo: Ian McMurtry)

The Continental Turnaround: Part 3

The next and final part of the Continental turnaround features employee empowerment and the power of momentum. These are the last two aspects of the turnaround and right there up in importance with listening to the customer. Let the Inmates Run the Asylum This is something that often goes unnoticed or executives are scared to let happen. Employee empowerment is important and employees should be able to do the right thing by the customer without having to jump through hoops.…

Report: United to Update Globe Livery Acquired in Continental Merger

The United Airlines of yesteryear had always been synonymous with one symbol, the tulip. Although not of Dutch origins where the tulip was once a highly valued and speculated upon commodity, United had sported the tulip, merely consisting of four lines with curved edges, for nearly 40 years on its…