VH-PBS Preserved outside the Australian Airline Pilot Academy, Wagga Wagga. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Mark Evans)

Wagga Wagga: Home to Regional Express and the Royal Australian Air Force

Wagga Wagga may be a small regional city in New South Wales, Australia, but it has a much bigger role to play in Australian aviation. The airport itself is only ranked 33rd busiest in Australia with just over 200,000 passengers, according to 2018-2019 statistics. However, the airfield is home to a flying training school and aircraft maintenance school which sees several hundred trainees pass through the airport each year. The airfield was developed by the Royal Australian Air Force (…

Australian REX Accuses Rivals of Stealing Pilots

Australian regional airline Regional Express, also known as REX, has accused domestic rivals Qantas and Virgin Australia of hiring large numbers of its pilots. In practices referred to as "rapacious", "selfish", and "irresponsible", REX has said that the two larger competitors have hired around 17 percent of its first officers…