HiFly's A380 in Farnborough (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Fabian Behr)

HiFly’s Strategy Creates a New Game for Second-Hand A380s

While Boeing and Embraer have clearly stolen the show regarding orders, Airbus was determined to close Farnborough with a bang. After frantic negotiations, the European consortium was able to close an order from VietJet for 50 additional A321s, Air Asia's 34 additional A330neo aircraft and the presentation of the first second-hand A380. Gathered at a small terrace outside the Airbus chalet, a group of journalists awaited the arrival of the majestic airplane. Soon enough, the A380 in its new eco-friendly livery…

Hi Fly Becomes First Second-Hand A380 Operator

Hi Fly has received the first second-hand Airbus A380, inaugurating a new era for the aircraft, as it had never been operated by a second company after the first leasing contract has ended. The announcement gives the A380 a new hope, as it comes weeks after German company Dr. Peters said it…