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Aer Lingus at SFO (Photo by Robbie Plafker)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #GreenPlanes

From all of us at AirlineGeeks, we wish you a great St. Patrick’s Day! Today is a day where green becomes a much more seen color, but how important is the simple color in the airline industry?

Besides being the standard livery for Aer Lingus, green is also important in that it prevents corrosion on aircraft that have yet to be painted. It serves as protection for the aluminum.

Boeing and most likely other aircraft manufacturers use a vinyl coating that can be peeled off the aircraft when it is time for painting to begin.

A green covered 747 at PAE (Photo by Digital Editor, Ryan Krautkremer)

A green covered 747 at PAE (Photo by Digital Editor, Ryan Krautkremer)

So, in case you were wondering, now you know why some aircraft are green. Have you seen a green covered aircraft before? Share your pics with us by Tweeting them to us using the hashtag #GreenPlanes.”

(Factual source: Airliners.net Forum)


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