We are happy to introduce our new parent organization, Skyliner Group.  

Skyliner Group, started in 2014, by AirlineGeeks.com will be the aviation industry’s source for exclusive content. The goal with the group is to unite aviation publications and organizations in orderSkyLiner to bring a higher level of content and engagement.

The Skyliner Group, as of November 21st, 2014, will own and regulate AirlineGeeks.com and will operate two organizations to support young aviation enthusiasts: pEYElots and an organization that supports young aviation enthusiasts in their future endeavors within the industry.

pEYElots, an organization that supports aviation enthusiasts with vision disabilities, will commence operations and January of 2015. The group will have gatherings virtually and in-person for visually disabled aviation enthusiasts. These meetings will occur with aviation professionals such as pilots, etc. The goal with this organization is to help those with vision disabilities to see flight like never before and continue their passion for the industry, despite their disabilities.

The other organization in-which Skyliner Group will be starting in December of 2014 will be an organization supporting young aviation enthusiasts in their passion. Similarly to pEYElots, this organization will also be hosting in person and virtual gatherings with aviation professionals. Also, this organization will provide tours of airport and airline facilities in order to inspire the young enthusiasts to further pursue their passions. With this organization, we hope to inspire more long term aviation careers.

Our primary brand, AirlineGeeks.com, will continue to be a primary source for aviation news and content. Some parts of the site will be branded with the Skyliner name and logo and will feature links to the organizations listed above. The domain (www.airlinegeeks.com) will be where the organizations and Skyliner information will be based for the time being. Branding of the Skyliner Group name and logo on the Airline Geeks site will begin in early December. Even after the branding date, still continue to follow @AirlineGeeks on Twitter and like Airline Geeks on Facebook as those will not change. Learn more about Airline Geeks and our young team:

Airline Geeks™ began as Aviation Official in February of 2013. Our team of young and passionate aviation enthusiasts have a special love for the airline industry, even though we think all aspects of aviation are pretty awesome. We are the industry’s youngest team of airline journalists; our demographics are 14 to 19 years old. Most of our approximately ten person team caught the “aviation bug” at very young ages and thankfully it never left any of us. Even today, we cannot get enough of those things with wings and engines and we will always look to the sky when we hear a jet roar by. We cover the airline industry one flight at a time.

Official News on Skyliner Group

Official Press Release: 12/1/14