A Cargolux 747 (Photo: Ian McMurtry)

Opinion: Air Cargo Is Booming

Just over a century ago on November 7, 1910, the first-ever cargo flight took place between Dayton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio with a package of 200 pounds of silk on a relatively small aircraft. Fast forward to modern times, and we have much larger aircraft for cargo operations with numerous cargo airlines being founded. With the right aircraft and the right operational team, practically everything could be carried in the fuselage ranging from livestock, construction equipment, complete cars and even…

Ethiopian Cargo Launches New Trans-Pacific Routes

Effective Nov. 9, Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, the largest cargo network operator in Africa, began Trans-Pacific routes that extends from Seoul's Incheon International Airport in South Korea to Atlanta, United States via Anchorage, Alaska's largest city. Ethiopian, offerings remarkable freight services worldwide with reduced flight hours, seamless connectivity and…