Virgin Atlantic’s first A350 (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

Thinking Outside the Plane: Airlines With Non-Airline Branches

Back in 2017, AirlineGeeks took a look at aerospace brands that had alternative branches in other industries with companies like Boeing, Bombardier and General Electric making other products such as hydrofoils, monorails and diesel trains, respectively. But this is not limited to large engineering firms, with some airlines and their parent companies having investments spread into other industries as well. Let’s once again fold up those tray tables and step away from the airline and travel business to see the…

Chaebol Conquest: A Look at Korean Aviation

While many western companies have seen the rise of corporate conglomerates since the 1990s, the South Korean market has had a long history of Korean conglomerates, which are locally called chaebols, dominating the market. As to be expected, the aviation industry is no stranger to chaebols, with the top three…