An American Airlines Boeing 777 being towed in Chicago. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Greg Linton)

Here’s Why Airline Loyalty Programs are Profit Machines

Airline loyalty programs have been cash cows for decades. They are an extremely effective marketing tool that drives customer loyalty by offering an incentive for customers to stay loyal. This incentive usually comes in the form of free flights though has recently evolved to offer discounts and benefits across the flying experience. Initially, it was the airline that primarily issued the loyalty points but over time partnerships developed and partners would start buying loyalty points from the airline to distribute…

Allegiant Unveils New Travel Loyalty Program

The Covid-19 ordeal continues to remain at large and the push for vaccinations is on the rise and evolving as more research and development are being completed. However, the encouragement to become vaccinated has provided an easier opportunity for those who have been forced to quarantine at home, to travel…