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PHOTO: Courtesy of JetBlue Airways and Paul Rivera/Gensler

JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK Has a Rooftop Garden?!

JetBlue, the airline that dares to be different like its hometown city, has done it again.  On July 1, JetBlue kicked off the summer with the grand opening of their rooftop garden at John F. Kennedy International Airport.  The world-class airport is the airline’s home, and part of what makes JFK so great is JetBlue’s Terminal 5.  Well, now JetBlue can say they made the first post-security outdoor space available to all customers in a New York Airport.

This outdoor space goes by the name of T5 Rooftop.  It’s grand opening featured one of JetBlue’s Live From T5 events.  This time JetBlue sported its pride in the city by giving the stage to Mainland, a Brooklyn-based Indie band.  And this won’t be the last time customers visiting the rooftop garden will be entertained.  JetBlue plans to host DJ and acoustic events on Friday’s for the duration of the summer.

1_JetBlue © Paul Rivera

PHOTO: Courtesy of JetBlue Airways and Paul Rivera/Gensler

This outdoor space is elite as not only does it feature the usual aluminum outdoor furniture and planters along with a wooden deck, but there’s food!  The customers that haven’t been lucky enough to indulge in the Mint experience (JetBlue’s premium service), will get a little taste of it on the rooftop.  Brooklyn’s well known Blue Marble Ice Cream treat has a kiosk outside.  So, all JetBlue customers flying through JFK will be able to taste a small bit of the Mint offerings.  Hebrew National Hotdogs will also be available for sale.

3_JetBlue © Paul Rivera

PHOTO: Courtesy of JetBlue Airways and Paul Rivera/Gensler

And for those that thought going outside to appreciate the Manhattan skyline and airplane landings, meant losing Wi-Fi you are dead wrong.  JetBlue’s Free Wi-Fi carries onto the rooftop garden, allowing you to stay connected.  That’s because, according to the airline 100% of JetBlue’s A321 series aircraft have Fly-Fi.  That’s what JetBlue calls Wi-Fi.  85% of their A320 series aircraft have it and although not a single JetBlue Embraer 190 has it, the airline says, “We’re working hard to install this new service across our fleet as quickly as possible.”

So the garden will not burden but rather aid in JetBlue’s mission to keep passengers connected at all times during their travel.  The garden will also aid in JetBlue’s recycling and in their mission to be Eco-friendly as the garden uses sustainable materials.  The extensive differentiation of plants from just grass to oak leaved sweetsphire will make all in the vicinity feel like they’re going green.

And all doesn’t exclude the pets.  JetBlue, being the egalitarian airline it is didn’t forget about the dogs who may like a short walk before a flight.  The airline dedicated 400-square feet of the 4,046-square foot rooftop to a dog walk area.  Another 400-square foot area in the park is reserved for children.

With the recent announcement of JetBlue adding more flights later this year from JFK to LAX and the charter flight to Cuba that just began out of Kennedy the rooftop garden is sure to be a big hit.  It also shows JetBlue’s growth in their hometown.  With this new perk, JetBlue is making up for customers who may be upset about the new bag fees as this is sure to be something fliers don’t want to miss when they travel.

AirlineGeeks.com Staff
AirlineGeeks.com Staff
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