Our Story

AirlineGeeks.com was founded in February of 2013 by Ryan Ewing, a young “AvGeek” in the Washington D.C. area. Since then, the website has grown to 35+ active team members located across the globe. Each team member joined on the principle of writing about passion in the industry, with the intent of spreading the word and excitement to those both young and old.

Our goal is to help spread the latest aviation news to our hundreds of thousands of readers each month featuring both news releases and exclusive stories for airlines and other related aviation businesses.

Our Purpose

AirlineGeeks strives to deliver the latest airline and aviation news around the globe in real-time, offering a unique vantage point from that of the “AvGeek.” We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional stories, while also helping our readers and team members in fulfilling and further developing their passion for aviation.

Fast Facts

Headquarters: Washington D.C.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, @AirlineGeeks

Staff: 35+, spread across the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe (All of which are volunteers)


In August of 2015, AirlineGeeks was selected to join the Nasdaq Global Newswire Distribution Network, a testament to the growing awareness of the website.

In February of 2016, team member Ryan Krautkremer, in conjunction with several members at AirlineGeeks, created “Grounded,” a documentary detailing the aerospace industry as a whole in its current status. This film takes a look at three facets where interest is dwindling: spaceflight, aviation, and drones, and what we can expect for the future of flight.

Over the last three years, AirlineGeeks has partnered with the largest airline in the world, American Airlines, to bring our readers AAviation Day. Readers across the globe are able to visit one of American’s hubs,  with the opportunity to learn all about the airline and its operations, including tours, meet and greets and even viewing the latest aircraft up close and personal. For more information on #AAviationDay, click here.

Furthermore, AirlineGeeks.com has closely covered high-level aviation events, including Malaysia 370 and 17, along with Asiana 214. Coverage of these events were broadcasted in front of the publication’s 29,000+ Twitter followers.


For more information on AirlineGeeks.com, please contact Joe Pesek at [email protected]