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An Interview With Christine Negroni, Author of “The Crash Detectives”

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure to speak with Christine Negroni the author of Deadly Departure and newly released The Crash Detectives. Negroni is a contributor to ABC News and the New York Times covering all things aviation. Starting by covering TWA flight 800 for CNN, Negroni evolved into a true AvGeek and was nice enough to share some of her stories with us.

In her books, Negroni discusses the investigation of TWA flight 800 as well as the less known stories of the aviation world leading up to this event and of course the most recent mysteries behind MH370 and the evidence involved.

Christine had this to say regarding MH370, “…and that plane flew until it ran out of fuel.” For more insight and background, check out the soundbite below.

Check out her website (http://christinenegroni.com) along with her new book, The Crash Detectives.


Shane Piper
Shane Piper
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