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A Qantas Airbus A330 arrives in Sydney (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Hisham Qadri)

Qantas Collaborates With GE Aviation on New Flight Data App

Qantas and GE Aviation, in a joint collaboration, have created a new flight data application for pilots that helps with flight efficiency and lowering carbon emissions. The new platform is called FlightPulse, and it is the first commercialized product to be developed with mobile services from GE’s Predix platform.

FlightPulse allows pilots to access their own operational efficiency trends and patterns through data recorded from the aircraft and smart analytics. With this, pilots are able to understand how efficient their operation of the flight was. This is a new technology for pilots, as such data was previously only available to analysts.

Qantas Head of Fleet Operations, Captain Mike Galvin, mentions that  “FlightPulse was designed by pilots for pilots. As a result, the information accessible on this platform helps them understand the operational efficiency of their flight.”

“It provides pilots with flight data in a very visual way, allowing them to see first hand the amount of fuel used at different stages of a flight and how they can help to reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

“We are delighted to build on our long-standing partnership with Qantas and work together to transform flight efficiency with this world-first app,” said Geoff Culbert, President & CEO of GE Australia, New Zealand, and Papa New Guinea.

“Qantas is a great example of Australian innovation at its best, constantly at the forefront of finding better ways to enhance their operations. Through close collaboration, we were able to develop a solution for the industry that connects pilots with individualised operational efficiency data for the first time.”

This is not the airline’s first time partnering up with GE. Last year, Qantas helped as the launch customer for GE Aviation’s Digital Collaboration Center in Austin, Texas. GE and Qantas employees jointly analyze data points from the aviation sector to determine and find solutions for operational insights and fleet intelligence.

Qantas Employees Utilizing On-board WiFi

Earlier this year, Qantas announced that it would be providing free, high speed WiFi on its internet-capable Boeing 737-800 aircraft for domestic flights within Australia. The beta mode was originally available on that one Boeing 737-800 aircraft for passenger testing. Qantas plans to roll out such technology on its domestic fleet of Airbus A330s and Boeing 737s by the end of 2018.

Along with numerous benefits to passengers, the WiFi installation also greatly benefits Qantas’ crews. WiFi on-board aircraft has allowed pilots and cabin crew to have access to real time information that will increase efficiency and improve the passenger experience. Pilots have access to live weather, allowing them to avoid areas of turbulence and improve flying time by making use of tailwinds.

Technology has been allowing airlines to become more efficient operators, saving them money and improving the overall passenger experience.

Samuel Chen
Samuel Chen
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