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AirlineGeeks Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

Graphic by Raisch Studios

There is something about airplanes that keep people wanting more. This was certainly the case when I started what is now called AirlineGeeks five years ago today. A life-long admiration for big metal birds would be the simple, but perhaps the most accurate reason, for why I started the website.

What other mode of transportation can carry hundreds of people at one time over distances exceeding 8,000 miles in just under 20 hours? Is there another industry that can seamlessly connect friends and loved ones in a matter of a few short hours? Modern aviation traverses boundaries, connects different cultures and dialects, and brings people together during some of the best and worst times.

There is so much to love about aviation. From engineering to fuel hedging, there is a little something for everyone.

I’ve always loved aviation. From my early childhood years, I can remember taking family trips and being more excited to fly than to actually visit the destination. Needless to say, this is still very much the case today. I knew something needed to be done to foster my love for the industry, and so my long-standing interest in airlines stood out.

AirlineGeeks took off as ‘Aviation Official’ in 2013. I wanted to start a blog to recount my travels and to share news and content. This was more of a side-hobby than anything else. It was one guy at a computer in D.C.

Often I’m asked if it is surprising to see how fast AirlineGeeks has grown in half a decade. The immense growth of our company is shocking, but not surprising. The simple answer is that people, including our team, love aviation. Just like my interest five years ago, people find places to fulfill their passion or peak their curiosity. Whether they’re aviation professionals or newbie plane spotters, they want to know more. And that’s what we’re here for.

The airline industry is fascinating to say the least. It is easy to make a joke out of the aviation industry, as so many people do. But it’s criticality to our global society is nothing to take lightly. We wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as we are today without the airplane and the industry as a whole.

Our global team of more than 25 writers, photographers, and business developers, have a deep respect for aviation. Some are pilots, others are industry professionals, and some are aviation aficionados with an interest in journalism. This makeup does raise a question: how do we criticize and unbiasedly report on an industry that we love?

It is not always easy, however, questioning is extremely important to our publication. We are always working to report the news and write the story, allowing our readers to make their own assessment. We can’t let our love for aviation cloud the nature of the story. Of course, there are exceptions, as readers often see on our site. From op-eds to fun write-ups, we want to inspire others to love the industry just as much as we do.

Moving forward, we have plenty of concrete plans on the table. First, we are starting to work with American Airlines on this year’s AAviationDay. A date for this highly-anticipated event will be announced in the coming weeks. Secondly, we are implementing new ways to bring content to our readers, including an Amazon Echo app and a new website design. We expect the latter to be complete by the summer.

Finally, we have launched an op-ed pilot program where readers can share their opinions on a matter pertaining to the airline industry. While these stories will be carefully vetted, we want professionals and enthusiasts alike to have a voice, especially regarding something that has a great meaning to them.

Aviation is mesmerizing. We are so fortunate to be able to share our experiences with enthusiasts around the world, and can’t thank our readers enough for their continued support over the past five years.

Calling aviation a modern marvel is an understatement; it’s a modern cornerstone, and AirlineGeeks will continue to highlight that for years to come.

Thank you.

Ryan Ewing

Founder & President


AirlineGeeks.com Staff


  • AirlineGeeks.com Staff

    AirlineGeeks.com was founded in February 2013 as a one-person blog in Washington D.C. Since then, we’ve grown to have 25+ active team members scattered across the globe. We are all here for the same reason: we love deep-diving into the fascinating realm of the airline industry.

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