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Have International Travel Fever? Here’s How to Book a Hotel in Japan

Traveling abroad can get very expensive when it comes down to finding a hotel. Discover here how to find cheap hotels in Japan.

Have you been thinking about jumping on a long-haul flight for Japan?

You’d be right in thinking that it’s the perfect place for a vacation. Japan sees more than 28 million tourists per year.

This culturally rich country has more than just cherry blossoms and karate. Japan is famous for its cultural arts, calligraphy, and world-renowned flower arranging.

But, before you jump on a plane, you’ll need to reserve a hotel for your stay. Not only will you need a comfy place to sleep, but many countries will not allow you to pass through customs without proof of sleep accommodations.

Keep reading to learn how to find cheap hotels in Japan.

Book Directly with the Hotel

Booking directly with the hotel is likely to be the cheapest option.

Hotel rates fluctuate daily, and even sometimes hourly. It’s a good idea to give the hotel a call and find out if they are running any nightly specials or offer any discounts.

Typical discounts the hotels offer are AAA, AARP, and hotel reward Discounts.

Booking directly with the hotel will also allow you to ask questions about the property.

It’s a good idea to ask when the hotel was built or if it was recently renovated. Older hotels tend to have electrical or plumbing issues, whereas newer hotels are often cleaner and carry a lower risk of bug infestations.

Consider Hostels or Capsule Hotels

How long will you be staying in your hotel? Do you need a big room with two TVs and a couch?

If you don’t need something with a lot of space, consider staying in a hostel or capsule hotel.

Hostels are available around the world and are often preferred by young adult travelers. The way hostels work is instead of renting out an entire hotel room, you essentially only pay for a bed space. You will have a shared bathroom and bedroom with other travelers.

Many travelers prefer to sleep in hostels, as they get the opportunity to exchange stories and adventures with fellow travelers.

Additionally, Japan is famous for capsule hotels. Similar to a hostel, you’re not paying for a full room. You will only be paying for a bed space. However, capsule hotels are tiny, often round tubes that have space only for a bed.

It’s a pretty neat experience that everyone should try at least once.

Use 3rd Party Booking Sites

If you’re uncomfortable booking directly with the hotel due to language barriers, you can easily find cheap hotels on third-party booking sites.

Worldroamer.com is a perfect example of a third-party booking site for cheap hotels.

These booking sites are helpful in that you can pre-pay with your preferred currency as well as select whatever language is best for you.

Cheap Hotels in Japan Don’t Have to Be Rarities 

All in all, finding cheap hotels in Japan doesn’t have to be a tricky thing. Follow these tips and do a little research before you get ready to fly out, and you’ll be just fine.


AirlineGeeks.com Staff
AirlineGeeks.com Staff
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