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A Norwegian 737 MAX 8 at EDI (Photo: Norwegian)

Scottish Government Sets Restrictions on Airports Amid Coronavirus Threat

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Scottish government introduced a so-called “rate relief” to Scottish airports for a year. 

The UK’s Airport Operators Association (AOA) welcomed the new policies and urged England’s government to carry out a similar measure to help the airports in the country.

The airports in Scotland could get 100 percent in rates relief for one year, meanwhile, the companies providing aviation-related services, such as de-icing, re-fuelling, moving aircraft, waste servicing, allocation of seating, handling of baggage, supervision of boarding also benefit from the new measures.

“This will help ensure that the aviation industry can work towards restoring the connectivity needed to support both Scotland’s economy and Scotland’s Highland and island communities once this crisis is over,” a government statement said.

According to the Scottish Government, Loganair is the only carrier that benefited under the program as the regional airline provides essential services between the mainland and highlands along with island regions.

In the meantime, Aberdeen and Glasgow Airports announced a “temporary restriction” on April 1.

The airports said that it is an “extremely challenging times.” They suggested a salary cut for all staff including the board and leadership team, a suspension of bonus payments and demand the staff to take an unpaid leave.

Earlier, Edinburgh Airport, the busiest airport in Scotland, expected “a period of zero or close to zero passenger demand.”

“Our plan is based on keep the airport open throughout and being there for those people who are still travelling and those staff members who are making that travel possible, “ Gordon Dewar, chief executive of the airport said.

But the airport admitted the expenditure of some projects will be held and certain areas in the terminal will be closed.

Will Lee
Will Lee
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