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A Delta Air Lines Airbus A319. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Delta Plans to Reinstate Select International Flights in June

As the U.S. and nations around the world begin to ease restrictions related to the Coronavirus pandemic, airlines are seeing a rise in the movement of passengers. This expected increase in passengers is reflected in schedules for June. Delta Air Lines, announced its June schedule would see them flying at 15 percent of their June schedule from last year. Although this is a significant decrease year-over-year, it is an increase compared to the month of May.

These schedule changes come days after Delta announced it would stop flights to 10 secondary airports across the U.S. Although these airports do not see a resumption of service in June, there is still an increase in domestic flying.  Along with these domestic increases, there is also a significant increase in international flights when compared with May.

While no specifics of domestic flying were released, the airline stated that increased flying would be focused around New York, Atlanta and in between its hubs. Internationally, the schedule changes are not limited to just one region. An increase of flights to destinations around the world have been added, including some that are subject to government approval.

In May, Delta operated just two trans-Pacific destinations with both Seoul’s Incheon International Airport and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport seeing less than daily service from both Seattle and Detroit. For June, Detroit to Tokyo has been dropped, but Detroit to Seoul has increased to a daily flight. Along with these minor changes, Delta is awaiting government approval for the resumption of daily flights between Shanghai and both Seattle and Detroit. Along with these passenger flights, Delta will continue to operate freight-only service from Los Angeles, Atlanta and Detroit to both Shanghai and Seoul. 

On the trans-Atlantic side of the schedule, New York sees a re-introduction of international service with the addition of three international flights from JFK Airport. These flights will all be less than daily but will connect JFK to Amsterdam, Paris CDG and Tel Aviv. The three flights will join the five trans-Atlantic routes the airline operated in May. Along with flights to Europe, Delta is looking to reopen flights to Lagos, Nigeria from Atlanta, pending Nigeria’s government approval. 

In May, only four of the airline’s eight flights to Canada operated on a daily basis. Routes such as Detroit to Ottawa and Minneapolis to Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg were all scheduled as less than daily. All flying to Canada for the month of June is currently scheduled to be operated daily.

The greatest changes in Delta’s schedule for June comes in Latin America and the Caribbean. While many of the resumed flights are less than daily and will only start in the second half of June, the number of total destinations will increase from six to 26. The Atlanta-based airline will return to South America with less than daily flights from Atlanta to Bogota, Colombia and Sao Paulo.

The carrier will also increase flights to Mexico with the resumption of service to popular vacation destinations including: Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Delta’s largest hub in Atlanta also sees the reintroduction to popular Caribbean destinations with the resumption of flights to Aruba; Bermuda; Bonaire; Kingston, Jamaica; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic just to name a few.  

Some of these reintroduced routes were originally scheduled to be resumed in May with the release of May’s schedule. However, with all airlines, these schedules are subject to change as the situation continues to evolve across the world. May’s schedule saw both routes added and routes canceled during the month and it is possible that June will receive the same treatment depending on multiple variables including government regulations and passenger demand.


  • Being from Seattle, Jace was bitten by the aviation bug at a young age and never outgrew it. Although none of his family is in the industry, he has always wanted to work in aviation in some capacity. He currently in college studying air traffic management.

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