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A Viva Air Airbus A320 (Photo: Primx28 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons)

Viva Air Peru Closes 2020 With 81% Growth

Viva Air Peru managed to maintain its market share at 11% and increase its punctuality rates by 87%. The carrier closed the year with operations on seven national and two international routes.

Viva Air Peru closes the year with a load factor of 81% since the reactivation of its operations, transporting more than 566 thousand passengers in 2020 on more than 3,700 flights.

In a press release, the low-cost company stated its commitment to its air inclusion in the country and maintained its market share at 11%, demonstrating the strength of its ‘Low Cost’ model and the carrier’s efforts to compete in the region since its arrival in Peru in 2014.

Viva Air Peru focused its efforts on transforming itself and adapting to this new reality, having as its best ally its Low Cost model, guaranteeing 100% compliance with biosafety protocols. Likewise, in order to ensure the health of its passengers and employees, it was the first airline in the country to obtain the ‘Biosecurity Operations’ seal from the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC).

With the conviction of encouraging connectivity and economic reactivation of Peru, the airline found opportunities and optimized its operations to carry out more than 220 charter flights to Arequipa, Cusco, Ilo and Juliaca for the most important business groups in the country. In addition, during 2020, its special cargo transport was approximately 622 tons between commercial flights before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, within its important milestones in 2020, Viva Air Peru has completed since February a fleet transition to operate 100% new aircraft and renewed its Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) certification, which means that it complies with all the standards related to the aeronautical industry in order to be hired by third parties and provide more services to different companies.

With 4 years of operations in the country, Viva has proven to be a market driver through its low-cost model, emphasizing its desire to increase its operations in the Peruvian air market.

Viva Air transported more than 2.4 million passengers on more than 16,000 flights carried out in 2020 as a Group between Peru and Colombia. And, since the beginning of its operations in 2012, Viva has transported 27.7 million travelers as a Group, between Colombia and Peru, on an average of 189,000 flights.

On the other hand, and in order to guarantee the sustainability of the airline and the well-being of its collaborators,

Viva Air implemented various actions that allowed for conservation of the employment of its direct personnel, which corresponds as a Group to 851 employees: 713 in Colombia and 138 in Peru. Also, it is important to highlight that Viva generated and kept a total of 484 indirect jobs in the country during 2020, contributing to the reactivation of the region.


  • Juan Pedro Sanchez Zamudio

    The three things Juan loves most about aviation are aircraft, airports, and traveling thousands of miles in just a few hours. What he enjoys the most about aviation is that it is easier and cheaper to travel around the world and this gives you the opportunity to visit places you thought were too far away. He has traveled to different destinations in North, Central, South America and Asia. Born, raised and still living in Perú, Juan is a lawyer, soccer lover, foodie, passionate traveler, dog lover, millennial and curious by nature.

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