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Ryanair Announces Zagreb and Zadar Bases

A Ryanair 737 taxiing in London. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Ryanair has announced significant expansion in Croatia, including the opening of two new bases, to line up with an expected increase in travel demand over the course of the Summer of 2021. The airline will open bases in both Zagreb and Zadar, aiming to capture leisure travelers looking for a holiday as COVID restrictions are lifted. 

The opening of bases at both airports will see a number of new routes introduced in the cities, along with two aircraft based at each. The based aircraft will be Airbus A320s and belong to Ryanair subsidiary Lauda Europe.

Initial Operations in Zagreb

Ryanair plans to operate to 12 destinations from Zagreb, a location to which it does not currently operate, with schedules showing up to 36 weekly flights the city, which is the capital of Croatia. Destinations include major cities across Europe including Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan and Rome. Most of the routes from Zagreb will start in early-September with the exception of flights to Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Milan Bergamo Airport. Brussels fights will begin on June 2, 2021 and Milan flights beginning about a month later on July 1. 

In a press release, Zagreb Airport CEO Huseyin Bahadir Bedir said, “Zagreb Airport is glad to welcome Ryanair’s arrival, which would solidify its position as a regional hub. Arrival of Europe’s no.1 airline will not only enable our residents to travel directly to more destinations but will also contribute to the capital city and country’s economy by boosting the number of visitors.”

Destination Marketed As Start Date Frequency
Brussels South Charleroi Airport Brussels June 2, 2021 3x weekly
Milan Bergamo Airport Milan July 1, 2021 4x weekly
London Stansted Airport London Sept. 1, 2021 Daily
Sandefjord Airport, Torp Oslo, Norway Sept. 1, 2021 2x weekly
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Germany Sept. 2, 2021 3x weekly
Paris-Beauvais Airport Paris Sept. 2,  2021 2x weekly
Memmingen Airport Memmingen/Munich, Germany Sept. 3, 2021 2x weekly
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Frankfurt, Germany Sept. 3, 2021 3x weekly
Dortmund Airport Dortmund, Germany Sept. 3, 2021 2x weekly
Rome-Ciampino International Airport Rome Sept. 3, 2021 3x weekly
Gothenburg Landvetter Airport Gothenburg, Sweden Sept. 3, 2021 3x weekly
Podgorica Airport Podgorica, Montenegro  Sept. 4, 2021 2x weekly

Zadar Base Expansion

Along with the new routes out of the capital, Ryanair is increasing flights out of Zadar, Croatia. While the carrier already operates 20 routes out of the airport, today’s announcement sees an additional 17 routes added in July, giving customers more options for holidaymaking. 

Overall, Ryanair will increase operations in Zadar to 78 weekly flights and further its hold as the airport’s largest carrier. While many of the new routes have been previously announced, the launch of most were delayed due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions. 

Director of Commercial at Ryanair, Jason McGuiness, said, “As vaccination rollout programmes continue in the coming months, air traffic is set to soar this summer and we are delighted to announce the opening of a base in Zadar this July. With two based aircraft and 37 routes (17 new), our Croatian customers have a host of popular European destinations to choose from this summer for a much-deserved break.”

Destination Start Date Frequency
Naples, Italy June 4, 2021 2x weekly
Budapest, Hungary July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Eindhoven, Netherlands July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Liverpool, England July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Warsaw, Poland July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Bologna, Italy July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Rome July 1, 2021 2x weekly
Aarhus, Denmark July 2, 2021 2x weekly
Maastricht, Netherlands July 2, 2021 2x weekly
Wroclaw, Poland July 2, 2021 2x weekly
Bucharest, Romania July 3, 2021 2x weekly
Bremen, Germany July 3, 2021 2x weekly
Gdansk, Poland July 3, 2021 2x weekly
Paris July 4, 2021 2x weekly
Vaxjo, Sweden July 4, 2021 2x weekly
Edinburgh, Scotland July 4, 2021 2x weekly
Newcastle, England July 7, 2021 1x weekly
Bari, Italy July 7, 2021 1x weekly
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