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A Malaysia Airlines A350 prepares for testing in Toulouse (Photo: Airbus)

Malaysia Airlines to Test IATA App For Vaccination Status of Passengers

Malaysia Airlines announced on Thursday (April 29) that it was going to trial the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass, a mobile application that allows passengers to verify their Covid-19 test results and vaccination status.

The IATA Travel Pass is not required to be downloaded by all passengers unless the airline they are flying with is a part of the trial. The application is said to help passengers to store and manage their verified certifications for Covid-19 tests and/or vaccines, which will then give airlines the ability to verify if the passenger does meet the requirements for travel before accepting.

Currently, only passengers with Apple iOS devices will have access to the pilot application and every passenger will still be required to present their physical documentation at check-ins, as per government and airline regulations.

For passengers’ privacy and in lieu of the sensitive nature of the information shared, their data and information will only be stored locally on their devices instead of a central database, giving passengers full control.

According to Malaysia Airlines, the IATA Travel Pass acts as a “centralized hub for all the necessary information” to allow passengers to fly amid changing travel requirements and strict safety and security by making it easier for authorities to see their verification and flight status approval.

Passengers would have to create a digital ID which would include their profile photos accompanied with an ePassport formed from their passport information.

Details of passengers’ travels can be input into the application and this allows the application to relay up-to-date information on the different travel requirements so that they can be better prepared before their journey.

“With 15 clinics and accredited testing labs across the Klang Valley and more to come as the airline works towards a network-wide roll-out, passengers will be able to use the ‘Connect’ feature on the application to register at the clinic/lab with the flight information and digital ID logged on it. Centralized on the app, passengers will then be able to view their test results as well as their confirmation to fly directly,” IATA said.

Digital Future from the Pandemic

The group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May, said that the national carrier has also been continuously working closely with stakeholders, governments, fellow airlines, and Covid-19 testing and vaccination labs in using digital solutions to create safe and contactless solutions to restart the travel industry safely and securely.

“We look forward to the future, where we can empower our passengers to travel once again, with freedom back in their hands and the opportunity to embark on their long-awaited travels safely, from seeking new perspectives, to reuniting with loved ones and discovering amazing experiences,” she added.

It was also announced that the airline is carrying out the pilot in preparation for its own Digital Travel Health Pass mobile application.

Together with the IATA Travel Pass, “it will also be able to properly shape the final version of the airline’s Digital Travel Health Pass, taking into account technical and cultural factors to make it more user-friendly and approachable for passengers,” the airline said.

Charlotte Seet
Charlotte Seet
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