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A VivaAerobus A320 in Las Vegas (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Viva Aerobus Reaffirms Its Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As part of LGBT+ Pride month, Viva Aerobus inaugurated its new Viva Store at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport with the airline’s rainbow logo as a permanent testament to its commitment to diversity.

According to a press release published by the Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier, this commitment is materialized in various activities that continuously promote an inclusive corporate culture and external initiatives that call for tolerance, respect and equality.

“Our new Viva store in Puerto Vallarta symbolizes the commitment we have at Viva Aerobus 365 days a year and on the more than 150 national and international routes that we operate, joining efforts to move towards a more inclusive, equitable and just society”, mentioned Walfred Castro, Viva Aerobus’ Director of Corporate Communication.

The inauguration of this Viva store was carried out in the presence of Luis Villaseñor, Puerto Vallarta’s Director of the Trust for the Tourism Promotion; Susana Rodríguez, Jalisco Tourism Secretariat’s Director of Beach Tourism; Martha Meza Aréchiga, Vallarta International Airport’s Public Relations Manager; and, Lorena Amor, recently winner of the Miss TransGlobal Mexico.

In this event, an agreement was also signed with the Trust for the Tourism Promotion of Puerto Vallarta to promote tourism in this city, which has been recognized on multiple occasions as one of the best gay-friendly destinations in Mexico.

Viva Aerobus recalls that, as a result of its continuous work in the interests of diversity and inclusion, it has been recognized for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) as one of the Best LGBT Places to Work in the HRC Equidad MX program of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC).

This recognition is the result of meeting three criteria established by HRC: 1) The adoption of non-discrimination policies; 2) The LGBT + organizational competence that implies having a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and 3) A public commitment through actions that positively impact society on LGBT + issues.

As part of its efforts to raise awareness about diversity, Viva adorned the sharklets of two of its Airbus A320 aircraft with the LGBT + pride flag to remind its millions of passengers of the importance of respect for difference and human rights.

In addition, during the course of this month, Viva collaborators wear T-shirts with the message Viva ser Tú and a campaign was implemented on social networks that invite us to reflect on the respect and value of diversity.

For its part, within the company, Viva Aerobus works to guarantee a humane and respectful work environment, with a Diversity and Inclusion Area and Committee.

In this sense, Viva has a constant training program through which workshops have been given on labor inclusion, the value of differences, human rights, discrimination and sexual diversity.

In order to strengthen this awareness in the company, this year Viva implemented the Pride Viva tour, which consists of a visit to the 5 operating bases at Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana, to carry out activities that make the benefits visible. of being a diverse airline.


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