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African Airlines Bolster Fleets with Paris Air Show Orders

An Air Mauritius Airbus A330-900 at the Paris Airshow 2019 (Photo: Airbus)

The Paris Air Show 2023 kicked off with exciting developments from African airlines. Air Mauritius announced the purchase of three additional Airbus A350-900 aircraft, bolstering its long-haul fleet for expanded operations in Europe and South Asia. Meanwhile, TAAG Angola Airlines entered into a lease agreement with Aviation Capital Group for four Airbus A220-300 aircraft, a significant step in the airline’s fleet modernization plan.

Air Mauritius’ Continued Partnership with Airbus

Air Mauritius expressed pride in renewing its decades-long partnership with Airbus and showed confidence in its products. Mr. Kresimir Kucko, CEO of Air Mauritius, highlighted the significance of the additional A350-900s, stating that they would strengthen the airline’s European network and support growth in other markets. The airline already operates four Airbus A350s and four Airbus A330s, and the introduction of these three new A350s will further enhance their long-haul fleet.

“Air Mauritius is proud to renew its confidence in Airbus and its products, continuing a partnership of more than three decades. The additional A350-900 aircraft will help us strengthen our European network and ensure further growth in other markets. We look forward to achieving our ambitious goals together with Airbus,” said Mr. Kresimir Kucko, CEO of Air Mauritius in a press release.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Commercial Director and Head of International, congratulated Air Mauritius for placing the A350 at the core of its fleet modernization program. He emphasized the A350’s exceptional range, improved fuel efficiency, increased capacity, and enhanced passenger comfort. With a range of up to 9,700 nautical miles non-stop, the A350 family offers the longest range capability among commercial aircraft currently in production.

TAAG Angola Airlines Enhances Fleet with Airbus A220-300s

In another significant announcement at the Paris Air Show, TAAG Angola Airlines revealed a long-term lease agreement with Aviation Capital Group LLC (ACG) for four new Airbus A220-300 aircraft. These aircraft, scheduled for delivery in 2025, will contribute to the modernization and expansion of TAAG’s fleet. CEO of TAAG Angola Airlines, Eduardo Fairen, expressed his commitment to growing the company and improving connectivity options for passengers.

“Incorporating four new A220 aircraft under this agreement is a clear sign of our international credibility and a major milestone in renewing the TAAG fleet. We are deeply committed to growing the company, leveraging our market share and destination portfolio. Our passengers will benefit from higher connectivity options while planning their trips and a greater flight experience overall, as the Airbus A220 is a smart, tech-advanced equipment suitable for nowadays gadgets,” said Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG Angola Airlines in a statement.

ACG’s Role in TAAG’s Growth

Tom Baker, CEO and President of ACG, expressed pride in partnering with TAAG Angola Airlines and supporting its growth plans with the technologically advanced and environmentally friendly A220-300. The aircraft’s fuel efficiency, low noise levels, and generous baggage and cargo capacity make it an ideal choice for TAAG as it expands its reach across Africa and beyond. Mikail Houari, President of Airbus Africa and Middle East, also praised the A220’s suitability for the African market and its potential to elevate TAAG’s service capabilities.

Continued Fleet Renewal for TAAG Angola Airlines

This recent agreement follows TAAG’s commitment made last year in June to lease six new Airbus A220-300s from Air Lease Corporation (ALC). The A220-300s, scheduled for delivery between 2023 and 2024, are part of TAAG’s strategy to replace its aging Boeing 737-700 fleet. The fuel efficiency, extended range, and improved operating economics of the A220-300s will enable TAAG to optimize its flight schedule and expand its destination network.

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