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Kenya Airways Adds Double-Daily London Flights, Interline Agreement with airBaltic

The national carrier of Kenya has unveiled plans to double its daily flights between Nairobi and London Heathrow, while simultaneously entering into a strategic interline agreement with airBaltic (BT), Latvia's flag carrier

Kenya Airways B7878 LHR William Derrickson

A Kenya Airways Boeing 787 landing in London. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Kenya Airways has announced plans to enhance its services on the Nairobi to London Heathrow route, offering a total of 14 weekly flights starting from October 29, 2023. This expansion marks a substantial increase from the current 10 weekly flights and reflects the airline’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for this popular route.

Passengers can choose between the morning flight, KQ100, and the evening flight, KQ102, ensuring greater flexibility and convenience for their travel plans. The airline will operate these flights using Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, which are known for their modern amenities and passenger comfort.

The decision to expand services comes in response to the increasing market demand for flights on this route. Nairobi serves as a vital gateway to the United Kingdom for various purposes, including business travel, leisure, trade, and education. With these additional weekly flights, Kenya Airways aims to accommodate the rising number of passengers seeking to travel between these two key destinations.

A Gateway to the United Kingdom

Kenya Airways has a longstanding history of connecting travelers from Nairobi to London, and this expansion reinforces its role as a gateway to the United Kingdom. Whether for business or leisure, the airline has been a preferred choice for travelers looking to access the UK market.

With the introduction of two daily flights, passengers can now tailor their travel schedules more effectively, making it easier to plan trips, meetings, and vacations. The morning flight, KQ100, and the evening flight, KQ102, provide passengers with a range of options to suit their individual preferences and requirements.

This expansion aligns with the airline’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its passengers. The increase in the number of flights is a response to the growing demand for air travel between Nairobi and London, further strengthening the airline’s position in the global aviation industry.

Expanded Flight Schedule (Effective from 29th October 2023):


  • KQ100 Nairobi 09:35 – London Heathrow 15:30
  • KQ101 London Heathrow 17:25 – Nairobi 05:00

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • KQ102 Nairobi 00:30 – London Heathrow 06:25
  • KQ103 London Heathrow 08:30 – Nairobi 20:20


  • KQ102 Nairobi 01:05 – London Heathrow 07:00
  • KQ103 London Heathrow 09:00 – Nairobi 20:50

Friday, Sunday

  • KQ102 Nairobi 01:35 – London Heathrow 07:30
  • KQ103 London Heathrow 09:30 – Nairobi 21:20

Kenya Airways and airBaltic’s Interline Agreement

Kenya Airways is not stopping at enhancing its London route. The SkyTeam Alliance airline has joined forces with airBaltic through an interline agreement that will revolutionize travel between Africa and the Baltic countries. This agreement opens up a world of possibilities for travelers, as airBaltic currently connects the Baltic region to over 70 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caucasus.

Under this partnership, Kenya Airways will extend its reach in Europe through key hubs like Amsterdam, Paris, and Dubai, providing more routes and options for its passengers. In turn, airBaltic passengers can now seamlessly book through tickets to Nairobi, unlocking effortless connections to Kenya Airways’ extensive network across Africa. Destinations like Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, and many more regional points across the continent are now within more straightforward reach.

A Shared Vision: Strengthening Ties Between Kenya and Latvia

This strategic collaboration between Kenya Airways and airBaltic promises to redefine the travel experience. Passengers can expect greater flexibility, more travel options, and the convenience of seamless connections when booking their journeys between Africa and the Baltics. This partnership not only opens up new horizons for travelers but also strengthens the ties between Kenya and Latvia.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, collectively referred to as the Baltic countries, are independent nations with a combined population of approximately 6 million. They are members of the European Union, maintain high-income economies, and boast a very high Human Development Index.

Kenya Airways’ Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, Julius Thairu, sums it up best: “Our aim is to provide connectivity for Kenya Airways customers and provide them with more travel choices across Europe.” With these developments, that aim is well on its way to being realized, making travel more accessible and enjoyable for passengers from Africa to the Baltics and beyond.

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