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FLYING Media Group Acquires FindaPilot.com

FLYING to expand FindaPilot into a comprehensive career development platform.

FindaPilot’s logo (Photo: FindaPilot.com)

FLYING Media Group (FMG) has acquired FindaPilot.com, a website which matches pilots with aviation employers. FindaPilot was founded in 1997 and has 25,000 pilots and 4,000 aviation employers registered on its platform.

Findapilot.com attracts a diverse range of customers, primarily companies involved in the business aviation sector. This sector includes charter companies, corporations with private jet fleets, aviation consulting firms, and flying clubs. The website is the largest source of contract pilots, providing flexible employment opportunities to commercial pilots with a range of backgrounds and type ratings.

Small businesses, which often lack the resources of large recruiting departments, have relied upon FindaPilot.com for the past two decades to reach pilots for missions and careers. FMG plans to expand the focus to include large national employers, while creating additional tools for small aviation businesses, all focused on helping pilots find the perfect career opportunities, regardless of where they are geographically or in what phase of their career.

However, FindaPilot.com is more than a career website; it offers a rich set of pilot profile data that can be used by employers targeting a specific type rating or skill set and for pilots seeking contract employment or new career opportunities.

FindaPilot founder John Peroyea will stay involved with the business after the transaction.

“Over the past 25 years, I have been passionate about building the most successful platform to help pilots maximize their career potential and achieve their goals,” Peroyea said. “I believe that by joining the FMG family, FindaPilot can deliver advanced opportunities for pilots beyond our wildest dreams.”

“With this acquisition, FMG will connect its content platform with FindaPilot.com, providing a comprehensive platform for pilot career development and continuing education,” said Craig Fuller, CEO of FMG.

FLYING Media Group provides content and information for more pilots than any other source in the world through its network of nearly 30 aviation brands.

Globally, there is a shortage of more than 34,000 pilots in the aviation industry, and the situation is expected to get more challenging over the next decade. FMG is investing significantly in resources that will expand the number of pilots that join the industry and help them along the way as they advance in their careers.

Through the Learn to Fly series on FLYINGMag.com, continuing education journals (Aviation Safety, IFR, Aviation Consumer), news and information (AVweb and FLYINGMag.com) enthusiast content (FLYING Magazine, Plane & Pilot, Kitplanes, Airline Geeks), or B2B resources (AvBuyer, Business Air, Aircraft for Sale), FMG offers the most comprehensive set of resources for pilots anywhere.

“We are thrilled to welcome FindaPilot.com to the FLYING Media Group family,” Fuller added. “With a strategic product roadmap for our aviation career platform, we are going to blend education, community, mentorship, and job matching into a comprehensive offering for the aviation community.”

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