Photo: Dubai Airports

Emirates To Operate An All A380 and 777 Fleet

Emirates has been incrementally streamlining their fleet for a few years and now it comes to a conclusion. The airline has retired their last Airbus A330 aircraft (registered as A6-EAK) from operational service, which was the last of 29 Airbus A330 aircraft that the airline had been operating since the early 2000s. A6-EAK had been with Emirates since 2002 and had flown for over 60,000 hours and travelled over 45 million kilometres in 14.5 years of operation. The distance that…

20 Years Later: A Look at Emirates’ Manchester Success

Emirates has played a sizable role at Manchester, providing direct services to the Middle East and beyond from Dubai International Airport for over 20 years. Currently, Emirates has two Airbus A380s and one Boeing B777-300ER flying into Manchester providing these services. From January 2017, the airline will be incorporating three…