Throwback Thursday
A CanJet 737 aircraft (Photo: Ian McMurtry)

TBT (Throwback Thursday) in Aviation History: CanJet

With the Canadian leisure market being dominated by carriers like Cananda 3000, SkyService and Sunwing in the start of the 2000s, the ability to get another low-cost leisure airline to provide any sort of substance proved to be a challenge. However, IMP Group, with help from Canada 3000, started a new carrier by the name of CanJet. Unfortunately, the original CanJet suffered a short fate as the carrier would be forced to be grounded following the collapse of Canada 3000…

Low-Cost Canadian Carrier CanJet Indefinitely Ceases Operations

This week the Canadian airline, CanJet, has finally called it quits. The leisure and charter carrier was a shell of its former self and after multiple cuts which slowed but didn’t stop the financial bleeding, president Stephenn Rowe pulled the plug. The 13 year old carrier based in Halifax, Nova…