A Cargolux 747 Taking Off. By BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada (Cargolux) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cargolux Goes Retro With Latest Boeing 747 Livery

Another retrojet is joining the ranks, but this one will be one of the harder ones to fly on. Cargo carrier Cargolux Airlines International announced it has created its own retrojet in commemoration of the airline’s 50th anniversary in May. The Boeing 747-400F(ER) that has been painted in retro colors will bear the colors of the original paint scheme of the airline. The airline began operations using the Canadair CL-44, which would bear the livery that would transition to the…

The Cargolux Climb: How Cargolux Became Europe’s Cargo King

Much like the Phoenicians and the Dutch, smaller countries have found success in being the logistics facilitators for their neighboring countries. This rings true today, where Luxembourg based Cargolux has made themselves the largest all-cargo airline in Europe. So how did this small cargo carrier manage to become Europe’s go-to…