A video camera shoots a Southwest 737 at DCA (Photo: Ryan Ewing)

The Big Four US Airlines: An Analysis of Their Commercials

In today’s ever connected and increasingly technologically dependent age, airlines are exploring new ways of attracting frequent flyers as well as new customers. The four largest US airlines have been very active in their television advertisements, and they each have a unique way of doing so. American American’s new commercials follows suit with their new slogan and theme. Each commercial is very simplistic and shows scenes from ordinary objects and highlights some of the destinations in which the airline serves.…

Our Top 5 Favorite Airline Commercials

Let's face it, nobody is a fan of commercials, but if you are an #AvGeek you know that airline commercials can shed some light on other dull commercials. We all have been there when you are in the doctor's office and among all the car commercials, a commercial with an…