A Citilink Airbus A320 (Photo: Andrew Thomas from Shrewsbury, UK (PK-GLC Airbus A320-233 (cn 892) Citilink.) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Found To Operate 19 Troubled Aircraft, Citilink and GMF Aeroasia Receive Strict Warning

The Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation, sitting in the Ministry of Transportation, issued a warning to local-based carriers Citilink and GMF AeroAsia after the company continued to operate 19 aircraft that were experiencing technical issues with their braking systems. The warning was delivered in a letter dated Dec. 22 and signed by Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operations Dadun Kohar. The warning letter was addressed to the GMF AeroAsia accountability manager and Citilink's vice president of engineering and maintenance.…