A 747 stamp on the factory doors in Everett, Wash. (Photo: Boeing)

Opinion: The Boeing 747 Changed the World Like None Other

This week we faced some sad news. It was slipped to us right before the start of the holiday weekend and it didn’t get much attention outside of the aviation community, but for us, the news hit home hard. It wasn’t anything we weren’t expecting. We knew it was coming, but finally hearing the news was a blow nonetheless. This past Thursday it was reported that Boeing was finally pulling the plug on its Boeing 747 line of aircraft. While…

Remembering a Legend: Joe Sutter

The mastermind behind the Boeing 747, Joe Sutter, passed away on August 30th, 2016. Mr. Sutter left us at the age of 95 due to pneumonia complications. In a statement released by Boeing, Raymond Conner, Boeing's CEO, points out that "Joe lived an amazing life and was an inspiration to…