David Neeleman at a press conference in São José dos Campos, Brazil, in September 2019. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | João Machado)

Airline Tycoon David Neeleman Talks Breeze Airways Start-Up

This Friday, the world finally met the U.S.'s newest airline: Breeze Airways. Known as Moxy during the developing phases of the project, the airline is headed by no less than David Neeleman, the world-famous airline entrepreneur, founder of Morris Air, WestJet, JetBlue and Azul. AirlineGeeks had the chance to catch up with him by phone on the day of the official launch, discussing the plans of the new company and its first steps in the American market, with the first…

Will a New Low-Cost-Carrier Be Taking Flight in the U.S.?

After significant consolidation and concentration of the U.S. aviation industry, there is now the possibility of a new airline entering the buoyant market. Airline Weekly is reporting that TAP Air Portugal co-owner and JetBlue Founder David Neeleman is raising capital to launch a new low-cost carrier (LCC) in 2020 with…