President Donald J. Trump waves as he exits Air Force One at MacDill Air Force Base, Feb. 6, 2017. President Trump flew to MacDill to visit with senior officials at USCENTCOM to discuss issues affecting USCENTCOM’s 20-nation area of responsibility. (Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Ned T. Johnston)

Presidential Visits Are Hurting Businesses at Palm Beach County Park Airport

Six miles south of Palm Beach International Airport is the sleepy Palm Beach County Park Airport. Like many airports across the country, it mainly serves general aviation and does not have a FAA tower. The airport sees an average of 350 arrivals and departures per day, with numbers increasing during the peak winter months. On site are 28 businesses, which employ 200 full-time employees and have an economic impact of about $27 million each year. However, for the past three weekends,…