An Interjet SSJ100 at DFW (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Amid Lawsuit, Interjet Faces Grim Future

After the Mexican low-cost carrier (LCC) Interjet announced that it will not be operating any flights from Dec. 18, the bad news keeps coming for the airline. As announced, Interjet doesn’t have the funds to pay for jet fuel and its employees are now owed over three months of unpaid wages and benefits. At present, the airline owes nearly six months’ worth of social security employee contributions, $131.3 million in unpaid fuel bills and $151.4 million in unpaid taxes. So…

France Decides on More Taxes for Aviation Sector

Following a less than successful attempt last year by the French government to increase tax revenues by proposing an increase in fuel taxes, particularly diesel fuel, the government is back at it doing what governments do best. France next year plans on introducing an “eco tax” ranging from 1.5 to…