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A Guide to the New AirlineGeeks.com

Welcome to a new chapter in AirlineGeeks.com history. As you may have noticed, this is not the same site that we have been using since the start. This is a brand new website, made completely from scratch by the team here at AirlineGeeks. Obviously, with a new website there are new features that were not included on the past website. This article will give you some more detail into what each of the features includes.

The first stop in our “tour” of the new site is what you clicked to when you opened that page, the home screen. On this website, the home screen contains almost everything that is on AirlineGeeks. Starting at the top of the home screen, you will find a lot of different tabs that all lead to different portions of the site. What is contained within those tabs will be discussed in detail later on in this note. Directly under the tabs, you will find a rolling new ticker with the most recent stories that have been written by our great staff. Scrolling down the homepage will allow you to find some of the most recent article in each of our sub-categories along with the handy search feature in case you are looking for a specific topic. At the very bottom of the page, there are links to our social media sites and to applications if you wish to apply to become part of our great team.

Moving onto the individual tabs is where you will find articles on specific topics with much more ease than looking through the entire home page. In the past, the only active tab that we had was the blog tab. With the start of the new site, we have 8 tabs with content that should change often.


Airlines– Contains articles that the team has and information that have to deal with airlines

Planes– Articles on specific airplanes, may be specific aircraft only with no connection to airlines

Airports– This will include articles about specific airports and will include stories such as the “Our Bases” series

Routes– The articles in this portion of the website will be dealing with a major new route announcements and will be fairly short containing a schedule and a little information.

Exclusive- The title basically explains itself. This is the portion of the site that has exclusive articles or experiences from the crew at Airline Geeks.

InsideAvation- This is where the weekly podcast will be published and you will be able to view past podcasts as well.

Photos- Here you will find photos taken by the young aspiring photographers that participate in Airline Geeks.

About Us- Here is where you will find information about the team members that make airlingeeks.com tick. Located here will be contact information for the team.

Our Editor-in-Chief and Website Manger Chase Meyer also has a great story featuring the new website. You can check it out here.

AirlineGeeks.com Staff


  • Jace Moseley

    Being from Seattle, Jace was bitten by the aviation bug at a young age and never outgrew it. Although none of his family is in the industry, he has always wanted to work in aviation in some capacity. He currently in college studying air traffic management.

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