Screenshot from Cathay Pacific’s video showcasing the new livery

Cathay Pacific Unveils A New Livery

On November 1, 2015, Cathay Pacific unveiled a refreshed livery that will eventually appear on their entire fleet, both present and future. Initially revealed on a Boeing 777-300ER, the new design will begin to appear on their current fleet during maintenance checks over the course of about five years. The livery will first appear on a new aircraft in February 2016 when Cathay Pacific launches the A350XWB.

The livery has been modified primarily on the nose, fuselage, and tail. Cathay’s famous “brushwing” logo will be enlarged on the nose to make it easier to identify, and the carrier’s name will now be painted above the windows. Also, the green band has now been completely eliminated from the nose. As for the fuselage, there is one light gray band running the entire length of the airplane. The tail is now completely green with a white “brushwing” logo.

According to the airline, the entire project took six months from the beginning of design exploration to the reveal. Design exploration included trying out varied designs, colors, and effects, as well as contemplating the difficulties that may occur with implementation. In order to form the fresh livery, the carrier collaborated with design and branding firm Eight Partnership. “While the changes may seem subtle, they have been carefully considered,” said Iain Richardson, Creative Director at Eight Partnership. “In fact, thousands of variations on the plane’s fuselage, tail, wordmark, and wing tips were contemplated.”

Cathay Pacific claims that the elements of the new livery provide a contemporary feel. It follows updates to the logo, website, mobile app, and airport lounges in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, and Bangkok.

“The livery is a vital part of the airline’s overall brand image,” says Ivan Chu, Cathay Pacific’s Chief Executive. “When you think about Cathay Pacific, you think about our aircraft; and the livery is a symbol of our values on our most important physical asset.”

Ashley Magoon
Ashley Magoon
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