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An Avianca A330 at New York (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Ben Suskind)

Avianca Strengthens Network, Increases Number of Routes by 77%

Avianca started the year by strengthening its operation, increasing its routes by 77% and its frequencies by 124% compared to October throughout its network.

Julián Laverde, Avianca’s Vice President of Network Operations, commented in a press release that “For several months our efforts have been focused on improving operational processes and thanks to that work, today we can deliver a better service to our customers. In terms of flight departure punctuality, we maintain an indicator above 95% and in compliance with itineraries.”

“Avianca customers have a large network of routes that allows them to choose a variety of schedules and point-to-point connections, so our objective this year will be to continue adapting this network to the needs of the new market,” he finished.

Growth in Colombia

The airline has 36 active domestic routes in Colombia with the provision of more than 100,000 seats. The six additional routes that it reactivated since the beginning of the year are flights that connect different regions of the country without stops in Bogotá, which will undoubtedly facilitate the plans of thousands of Colombian passengers. These routes are between Cali and Santa Marta, Medellín and Montería, Bucaramanga and Cartagena, Bucaramanga and Santa Marta, Cali and Pasto, and, Cali and Tumaco.

These operations are in addition to the regional routes that the airline already had active. In the national market, the company has increased total frequencies by 118%, and is currently operating 722 weekly frequencies.

Today, the Colombian carrier operates 34 international routes from Colombia with 186 weekly frequencies and a provision of 28,773 seats during the month of January. Meanwhile, in El Salvador, the carrier operates 19 international routes with 109 weekly frequencies and a provision of 14,893 seats during January.

In total, Avianca Holdings S.A., is currently operating 94 routes, with 1,037 weekly frequencies and a provision of 146,838 seats during January. From these 94 routes, 70 are offered in the domestic and international market in Colombia.

Competition from Viva Air

While Avianca has continued its gradual expansion of its network, it hasn’t occurred without some competition.

Félix Antelo, Viva Air Colombia’s CEO, indicated to LaRepública that the carrier was affected with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that “our low-cost model proved to be the correct one, since efficiency and cost optimization were key milestones to move forward and increase our market share. We aim to have a third of the market, 33% or 35%. This is above the 30% we had in December.”

The airline has had a strong start in 2021, re-opening some international flights as it looks to compete with other ultra low-cost carriers in the region.

“Viva became the second most important airline in the Colombian air market with a 24% share, transporting more than 2.5 million passengers in 2020”, he added.

Juan Pedro Sanchez Zamudio
Juan Pedro Sanchez Zamudio
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