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An Avianca Brasil A320 (Photo: Rafael Luiz Canossa [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)])

Avianca Adds New Premium Seating Option

Avianca has long anticipated the entrance of its new cabin configuration in its subsidiaries, bringing a new setup with the three new seat types: Premium, Plus and Economy.

As previously mentioned, during the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2021, Avianca presented the three new seating configurations.

Now, Avianca revealed its Premium seats, an exclusive design that offers more comfort to its travelers.

Avianca enhanced onboard seating (Photo: Avianca)

The first aircraft with the complete offer of seats, which includes Premium, Plus and Economy seats, began operating this week.

The Premium seat is a design made by Recaro, which is available in the first three rows of the plane and offers a wider seat with more recline.

It has a central console with individual compartments and customers will always be able to charge their personal devices.

By October of this year, Avianca will have more than 50 Airbus aircraft with Premium, Plus and Economy seats.

The new aircraft interior design also includes Airbus’ SpaceFlex, a module that optimizes space at the rear of the aircraft, consolidating galleys and restrooms, which allows Avianca to increase seating capacity.

Avianca Includes New Rates for International Flights

As of October 1, Avianca passengers will be able to personalize their flights to 64 destinations in America, with the 4 sizes that the airline will offer: XS, S, M and L.

Likewise, travelers will have the option to choose and add more than 15 services or products according to their needs.

It is important to remember that this model has already been implemented on domestic flights in Colombia and Ecuador.

The details of each size are as follows:

  • XS: Personal item, check-in by web/app/kiosk
  • S: Personal item, 10 kg. carry-on baggage, check-in by web/app/kiosk, and mileage accumulation.
  • M: Personal item, 10 kg. carry-on baggage, 23 kg. baggage, check-in by web/app/kiosk, mileage accumulation, economy seat selection.
  • L: Personal item, 10 kg. carry-on baggage, 23 kg. baggage, check-in by web/app/kiosk, itinerary changes and refund, mileage accumulation, economy seat selection.

According to Manuel Ambriz, Avianca’s CCO, “Thanks to the changes implemented in the aircraft cabins, we reached the same levels of seats offered in 2019 in the Colombian domestic market.”

The Colombian carrier also specified that flights to and from Europe will continue to maintain the option of 5 sizes: S, M, L in economy class and XL and XXL in business class.


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