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One of Advanced Airlines King Air 350s in Silver City, N.M. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Joey Gerardi)

Advanced Air’s Essential Air Service Contract Extended

At any given time, about 15 or so Essential Air Service (EAS) contracts are out up renewal or looking for a new carrier. While most don’t call for an article all by themselves, some do need exceptions.

The EAS city of Silver City is located in the southwest corner of New Mexico. New Mexico is home to three EAS cities: Clovis, which holds a contract with Denver Air Connection; Carlsbad/Cavern City, which holds a contract with Boutique Air; and Silver City which has just renewed its contract with the current carrier.

Silver City Contact

Advanced Air has held the EAS contract in Silver City since January 2019 and has just had the route renewed. The development will solidify a place for Advanced Air in the community for the next two years.

The carrier flies here from Albuquerque, New Mexico and Phoenix Sky Harbor onboard one of its King Air 350s.

One of Advanced Air’s Super King Air 350’s (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Joey Gerardi)

While Silver City is the only EAS contract Advanced Air holds, they do operate a couple of other destinations with both King Air 350s and Dornier 328Jets.

Advanced Airlines Route map (Photo: Advanced Airlines)

Under the extended contract, the Hawthorne, California-based carrier will continue to operate 17 weekly round-trip flights to Albuquerque, and once-daily flights to Phoenix Sky Harbor.

While Phoenix and Albuquerque are the EAS subsidized routes from Silver City, Phoenix passengers can fly onward to Hawthorne, Calif. located just four miles southeast of a much larger LAX.

Last year AirlineGeeks had the opportunity to fly from Albuquerque all the way to Hawthorne with Advanced Air, which was the last part of a marathon trip from coast to coast on only propeller planes. The trip report of the flights for the Advanced Air flights can be viewed HERE.


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