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Bombardier Introduces New Pre-Owned Aircraft Program

Canadian aircraft manufacturer launches Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft Program (Photo: Bombardier)

The business jet manufacturer Bombardier has announced the launch of their new Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft program giving its customers access to premium aircraft, experience and coverage. The program was announced shortly after the publication of their first Bombardier Pre-Owned Market Report — comprehensive data regarding all Bombardier aircraft transactions. The program enables its customers to purchase high-end, pre-owned aircraft, which comply with the company’s strict safety standards. This includes aircraft from the Bombardier Learjet, Challenger and Global families.

Aircraft in this program are chosen through a meticulous selection process, and may include factory upgrades as well as enrollment into the manufacturer’s “Smart Services” program — a cost per flight hour coverage offering. Depending upon aircraft type, coverage begins with their Smart Parts program and can be upgraded to the manufacturer’s Smart Parts Plus, or Smart Parts Preferred Program, tailored to the customer’s needs. These programs cover parts and systems including windshields, brakes and tires, avionics and service bulletin kits, with additional options like landing gear overhaul, cabin system components, scheduled labor and unscheduled labor. Smart Parts gives the consumer the ability to pick and choose their desired coverages on their aircraft.

As a result of the companies confidence in the demanding selection process of their “like-new” aircraft, each purchase comes with a manufacturer one-year warranty ensuring customer satisfaction.

Apart from the safety aspect of the program, another primary focus is to increase customer comfort and satisfaction on their new jet. This includes services such as deep cleaning and sanitization and complete refurbishing of the cabin interior. Not only will the interior be serviced, but the exterior will also be finished with a fresh coat of its Matterhorn white paint, giving customers the option to add their own livery.

High Demand For Private Travel

This program comes at a time where demand for private air travel is on the rise, creating a shortage in available aircraft. Bombardier’s Vice-President Chris Milligan states,“As life gradually begins to return to normal, the supply of business jets across the industry has been outpaced by demand”. This statement is further backed by data provided by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), showing that just five percent of the world’s private jet fleet is available for purchase, down from the typical 10 percent. To help its customers get access to one of these used jets, Bombardier provides notifications when aircraft become available. 

Primarily serving corporations, fractional and charter ownership providers, governments and private individuals, Bombardier has a presence in 12 countries, with a fleet consisting of 4,900 aircraft actively in service: Learjet 75 Liberty, Challenger 350, Challenger 650, Global 5500, Global 6500, Global 7500, and Global 8000. That being said, the company should not have any problem finding the aircraft and customers for their new program. 

Impact For The Aircraft Manufacturer

For the Canadian manufacturing company, the Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft program will not only keep their aircraft in the air longer, but it will also create a greater customer base as private jet aircraft come back to the market. The upgraded interiors, along with the latest equipment, will give the consumers an opportunity to experience the feel of brand new, top of the line aircraft.

Chase Hagl


  • Chase Hagl

    Chase Hagl grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. His love and passion for Aviation landed him in Orem, Utah where he obtained a B.S. in Aviation Management with a minor in Business Management from Utah Valley University. Chase currently works as a flight attendant in Charleston, SC and is also the primary Inflight ASAP ERC representative for startup airline, Breeze Airways. His experience in the aviation industry spans back four years, working in areas including agriculture application, customer service, maintenance, and flight ops. In his free time, Chase enjoys road biking, astronomy, and flying.

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