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Atlantic Airways To Begin Flights To New York in August

An Atlantic Airways Airbus A320neo in Vágar, Faroe Islands (Photo: Atlantic Airways)

Faroe Islands-based Atlantic Airways has announced in a press release that it will begin operating very limited flights from the Faroe Islands to New York this summer.

Flights will begin on Aug. 22 and will only operate for six weeks until Oct. 4. The once weekly flights will leave the main airport in the Faroe Islands, named Vágar, on Tuesdays, and the return flight back will leave the U.S. on Wednesdays. Flight time will be roughly six-hours according to the airline.

Another thing to note is the airline isn’t operating directly into John F. Kennedy International Airport, but has instead noted that they plan on operating into Stewart International Airport, which is located around 70 miles north of the city, but the airline will offer a bus between Stewart and New York that passengers can book separately when getting the flight to Stewart.

Currently the airline only operate flights to 10 destinations outside of its main hub all of which are in Europe, and all of which operates less than daily and most of which aren’t year round either. However this does makes sense given the company only has three aircraft: a single Airbus A320 and two Airbus A320neos, along with two helicopters that are used for domestic hops within the islands.

The new service to New York has been teased and rumored for many years, and the very short timespan of flights looks like it could be a test to see if the service is viable for a longer period of time in the future. Flights are expected to go on sale May 15.

Joey Gerardi


  • Joey Gerardi

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