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New Pan Am-Era Private Terminal Coming to Miami Airport

Former Pan Am facility in Miami (Photo: Miami Dade County)

Pan Am was an airline that revolutionized the aviation industry. The airline started service in 1927 delivering mail and through most of the 20th Century was a world-renowned airline with modern aircraft and luxurious service. The airline started dealing with financial difficulties beginning in the 1970s and was eventually bought out by Delta in 1991.

There are some relics surviving today that remind us of the glory days of Pan Am. One of those is its now repurposed building at Miami International Airport. It will now be the airport’s first private terminal offering a polished experience for passengers willing to pay to avoid the crowds and the peering eyes.

PS, the company formerly known as The Private Suite, will be running the operation. One can look at their private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport to understand how their operation works.

Passengers will enter the terminal and clear through on-site TSA security screenings before accessing a very private lounge experience featuring balconies and courtyards for passengers to take in the sights before being driven to their aircraft.

Arriving passengers will experience much of the same through a pick-up directly at the jet bridge upon arrival.

Preserving the Legacy

The most notable aspect of this announcement is that – while the Pan Am building is being repurposed – much of it will remain the same to preserve its historic integrity.

Architect Richard Heisenbottle will be leading the efforts to create what they call an adaptive, effective, modern, and beautiful space that is in accordance with the Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Ordinance and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures. Details have not yet been released on what this will entail.

All of the work is expected to take time since many historic structures often face significant oversight to ensure that any modifications done are compliant with regulations set to ensure the preservation of the structure. It’s expected that all of the work will be completed by sometime in 2025.

PS appears to be heavily invested in this project along with others. Their private terminal at Los Angeles International was initially met with some skepticism but has turned out to be a big hit. This has put the company on a path of growth with new private terminals in the works in Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth, along with the newly announced terminal in Miami.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will see its own private terminal, run by PS, come into service later this Summer. Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport is expected to have its private terminal completed and ready for service by Spring 2025.

Hemal Gosai


  • Hemal Gosai

    Hemal took his first flight at four years old and has been an avgeek since then. When he isn't working as an analyst he's frequently found outside watching planes fly overhead or flying in them. His favorite plane is the 747-8i which Lufthansa thankfully flies to EWR allowing for some great spotting. He firmly believes that the best way to fly between JFK and BOS is via DFW and is always willing to go for that extra elite qualifying mile.

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