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Delta Adds Two Non-Hub Routes from White Plains, N.Y.

A Delta 717 at ATL (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Ryan Ewing)

Delta Air Lines has loaded two new routes into their booking site, but they don’t touch any of the carrier’s hubs. United Airlines, and especially American Airlines, have histories of adding routes between two non-hub cities, especially when there are major sporting events happening. But it is rare to see this from Delta, as they tend to stick more towards the traditional hub-and-spoke model with very few exceptions in their network, except for a few routes out of the nation’s capital airport of Washington Reagan to other state capitals.

The two new routes, both of which are now for sale on the carrier’s website, are from White Plains, N.Y. to both Orlando and West Palm Beach, Fla. The flights will start November 10th and will both operate on a once-daily basis. As of yet, the airline has not made an official route announcement about the routes, which is odd given these routes start less than three months away. Both of the new routes from White Plains will be served on board the carrier’s 110-seat Boeing 717.

A Delta Airlines Boeing 717 (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Looking at the timing of the flights, it appears that the same tail number can, and probably will, fly both routes on the same day. This is how the flight schedule currently stands for the new routes:

The plane will leave White Plains at 7:15 A.M., getting to Orlando just before 10:15 in the morning, with the return leaving Orlando at 11:30 A.M. and getting back to White Plains just after 2 P.M.. The plane leaves White Plains again at 3 P.M., this time going to West Palm Beach, where it will arrive just before 6 P.M., with the return trip leaving West Palm at 7 P.M. and getting back to White Plains just before 10 P.M.

The flights have both already been put on sale, although the flights to West Palm Beach are already showing sold out in all cabins, except for First Class, which is selling at a really high price. This is most likely a glitch, as it’s almost impossible they have sold out a plane this quickly for that route, and the fare is so much higher than the first-class seat to Orlando from White Plains.

Screenshots from Delta.com of the new routes (Screenshot: Delta.com)

These will be the third and fourth nonstop routes that the airline offers from White Plains, as they already serve their Detroit and Atlanta hubs from here. They do currently serve Boston as well, but those flights will be ending on August 31, 2023.

This is a very odd route for the airline, given none of the cities they will be touching along these new routes are a hub, and it’s not an underserved route either. Currently, JetBlue already operates flights from White Plains three times a day to both Orlando and West Palm Beach. This makes Delta the fourth daily operator on both routes, giving them a lot of competition on a route they don’t have a history of serving. Most people flying these routes might have loyalty with JetBlue already.

All routes and schedules are subject to change, and all information prices, and flight schedules talked about in this article were obtained from Delta.com

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