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AvWeb, Firecrown Debut New Aviation Storytelling Show

The online program dives into the many facets of aviation to uncover unique and captivating stories.

The first episode of Inside Aviation features Jack Sweeney, a college student whose recent flight-tracking activities have created some controversy. (Photo: Firecrown)

AvWeb and Firecrown are launching a new show called Inside Aviation. The program will delve into the diverse world of aviation, exploring various aspects and uncovering captivating stories that will resonate with both aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Inside Aviation promises to take viewers on a journey through the fascinating world of aviation, showcasing the technical aspects and human experiences through a diverse array of special guests. The show’s format is designed to be engaging and informative, catering to a broad audience and stirring the conversation around a variety of topics from commercial to general aviation and everything in between. 

Hosted by Kevin Cortes, a private pilot and FLYING Magazine’s director of audience development, and Ryan Ewing, founder and executive editor of Firecrown’s AirlineGeeks.com, the show is set to air every Friday in both visual and audio formats. 

The Pilot Episode: “Tracking Taylor Swift and Elon Musk + Urban Air Mobility’s Future”

Inside Aviation’s first episode debuted on March 1, featuring two guests. The first half of the show focuses on the ever-evolving future of urban air mobility, while the second portion discusses recent controversy around tracking private aircraft. 

Jack Daleo, a staff reporter at FLYING Magazine who primarily covers urban air mobilities, joins the show to discuss what’s in store for the development and deployment of UAM aircraft. The dialogue dives into recent blockbuster commitments, including JSX’s plans to acquire 332 hybrid-electric aircraft. From regulatory landscapes to supply chain complexities, Daleo also answers questions about what he expects the eVTOL space to look like in the next decade. 

Daleo also curates a weekly newsletter, called Future of FLYING, where he deep dives into the latest happenings on the cutting edge of aviation.  

Later in the pilot episode, Cortes and Ewing are joined by Jack Sweeney, a Florida-based college student whose recent flight-tracking activities have created some controversy both inside and outside the aviation space. Sweeney began setting up various bots to track Elon Musk’s private jet in 2020, leading to threats of legal action from the billionaire. 

Sweeney’s flight-tracking bots took aim at other celebrities too, including Mark Cuban and most recently Taylor Swift. The 22-year-old student continues to be threatened with legal action but asserts that his tracking activities are already public information. 

In the episode, Sweeney answers questions about why he feels compelled to track these high-profile figures’ aircraft and the technology behind flight-tracking tools. He also discusses the recent taunts, with Musk calling him an “awful human being” on X (formerly known as Twitter) in early February. 

Inside Aviation can be found on AvWeb’s YouTube channel and Facebook page in a video format. The show is also available on all podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple

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