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Fiji Airways Joins AAdvantage Program

Fiji Airways is switching to the AAdvantage travel rewards program offered by American Airlines.

Fiji Airways first Airbus A350. (Photo: Airbus)

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s national carrier, and American Airlines’ AAdvantage travel rewards program announced a partnership on Thursday. Set to launch in the coming year, this collaboration promises to elevate the travel experience for AAdvantage members venturing to the South Pacific.

AAdvantage members flying Fiji Airways can look forward to a smooth and rewarding travel experience, the airline said. Elite members will be treated to priority check-in and boarding, ensuring a stress-free start to their Fijian adventure. Additionally, they’ll enjoy complimentary baggage allowance, the ability to choose their preferred seats in advance, and a revamped system for redeeming their accumulated miles for award flights.

“This loyalty partnership marks a significant milestone, bringing together two renowned carriers to offer new benefits to millions of travelers,” said Andre Viljoen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Airways, in a press release. “We are excited about the positive impact this collaboration will have on both our airlines and our guests who will benefit from the exclusive perks offered by the AAdvantage program.”

AAdvantage, boasting the title of the world’s longest-running travel loyalty program, extends far beyond simple frequent flyer benefits. According to American, it provides members with a comprehensive travel rewards experience. Members can earn and redeem miles in diverse ways, access a multitude of reward options, and enjoy a tiered system of status benefits that unlock additional perks.

“We are taking our partnership with Fiji Airways one step further by offering our mutual customers the opportunity to unlock more destinations and travel experiences through the AAdvantage program,” said Anmol Bhargava, American’s Vice President of Partnerships, in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming Fiji Airways customers into the AAdvantage program so they can experience all the ways we deliver on our commitment that travel is better as an AAdvantage member.”

This exciting development coincides with another milestone for Fiji Airways – its upcoming induction as the 15th member of the oneworld alliance in 2025. Both initiatives strategically target the growth of Fiji’s thriving tourism industry. The AAdvantage program, with its extensive network of American travelers, is expected to increase visitor arrivals to the region.

According to a 2023 report by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics, tourism significantly contributes to Fiji’s economy, accounting for roughly 40% of GDP.

“With this partnership, Fiji Airways is set to gain access to a vast network of American travelers, potentially increasing visitor arrivals to the enchanting destination of Fiji,” Viljoen added. “The allure of Fiji’s pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality is expected to attract a growing number of American tourists, contributing to the nation’s thriving tourism industry.”

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