A City Divided: The Kansas City Airport Debate

February 15, 2017 Ian McMurtry

Kansas City is rapidly reinvigorating itself, from revitalized suburbs like Overland Park, Olathe, and Piper to the recent success of sports teams such as the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, and Sporting Kansas City.

City of Omaha and Epply Airfield, with the Missouri River forming the border between Iowa (on the left) and Nebraska (on the right). Council Bluffs, IA on the upper left corner. Taken from an altitude of 36,000 feet, looking south.
State Series

State Series: Kansas and Nebraska

December 14, 2016 Ian McMurtry

The heart of the Midwest is known for it’s stretches of endless farmlands and plains. Kansas and Nebraska are examples of airports that provide for these calmer regions. Here are the most noteworthy airports from among the

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