Palestinian Airlines: The Homeless Flag Carrier

May 25, 2018 Ian McMurtry

The term “flag carrier” is often bestowed upon an airline with a strong connection to its homeland. Airlines such as Japan Airlines, Aeromexico and Lufthansa have become staples of their respective countries of Japan, Mexico


The Story of Southwest in The Windy City

May 18, 2018 Ian McMurtry

With American Airlines and United fighting for control of Chicago O’Hare in the 1980s and 1990s, it made sense for carriers to look for other locations to start operations knowing that O’Hare operations were limited.


The Failed Vision of Vision Airlines

May 12, 2018 Ian McMurtry

While some airlines have successfully made the move from smaller regional and charter operations to commercial service over the years, there are plenty of airlines who fail to live up to the hype and in

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