Delta executives and employees celebrate 10th anniversary of merger with Northwest (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Peter Biondi)

Delta Highlights Newest Jet During Event Celebrating Northwest Merger Anniversary

Delta shared a sneak peek of the new Airbus A220-100 to the media Monday during an event in Atlanta to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Delta merger with Northwest. Hundreds of Delta employees lined up for their first chance to see the new aircraft. Delta CEO Ed Bastian delivered a speech praising the results of the merger and thanking those who make Delta a successful airline. The program included a ribbon cutting ceremony, which included employees from different areas.…

The New Wave of Long Haul, Single Aisle Competition

The airline industry is always looking for improvement, and every few years international agreements, new safety and operational rules, and technological advancements result in challenging competition. The reliability of the Boeing 767 and the ETOPS operation, for example, caused an early retirement for many McDonnell DC-10s and Lockheed L-1011 TriStars.…