Grounded: an overview of the aerospace industry as a whole in its current status, this film takes a look at three faucets where interest is dwindling: spaceflight, aviation, and drones. Drones are slowly being more and more regulated and demonized by media and FAA citing security and safety as a risk, are they really that bad? We all know the major cases come from inexperienced novice flyers, so why are drones as a whole getting a bad rep? Ryan Krautkremer and Kona Farry take a look inside and offer ideas on how to keep aerospace from being grounded. This film was shot mostly in the Pacific Northwest, with film contribution from people across the country and across the world and was helped generously by the Future of Flight, Museum of Flight, Paine Field, Snohomish County, and countless others.

America is long established as a leader of the skies. Airplanes revolutionized the way we travel, spaceflight is the foundation for nearly every piece of modern technology, and unmanned aircraft are finding more and more civilian and professional uses every day. These all play a role in our daily lives, whether we recognize it or not. But will we continue to innovate as we have in the past? Or are we at risk of being Grounded?