A Trans States ERJ-145 in Columbia, Mo. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Ian McMurtry)

Opinion: It’s Time for Airline Loyalty Programs to Add Value

Over the past several years, airlines in the U.S. have gorged on easy business, many making money hand over fist. This led to some brazen liberties taken by three of major U.S. airlines to devalue their loyalty programs. The logic was simple: they were making tons of money, so what need was there for a compelling loyalty program that actually drove loyalty? And of course, there was the addition of basic economy fares, which punished elite travelers who were forced…

Opinion: Why Be a Frequent Flyer Program Prisoner?

I love frequent flyer programs. Honestly, it may be safer to say I love all of the debate and discussion they create. Whether it's about how to achieve an airline's highest level of status for as cheap as possible or whether the rewards are actually worth the cost, I could…